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What Can You Do To Help Grow The Local Scene

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Here are some tips to follow if you want a better esports scene.

1.More Teams = More Events

This is very simple to understand. The more teams the local scene has means that there is more interest in a particular game, which organizers of esports events will take notice and accommodate for that growing audience. The more events are organized for a particular game will not only help the teams themselves to integrate with the community but also to get experience and exposure. Once regular events are taken place, the audience will grow organically and teams will increase, however the more, the merrier.

2.Can’t Make It ?

If there is an esports event in your country and you can’t make it to play at the event for any reason, make sure to show your support still, either by going as a spectator with some friends or at least post about it. Anything helps to grow the event or make it a bit better. Also, if the event is streamed, make sure to watch it at home to experience the action from the comfort of your home.

3.Be Friendly & Welcoming

If you are part of a community on social media, be sure to be friendly and welcoming to new members to the community. Just 1 person being positively effected by the welcome of a group can get more friends to the group which could possible mean an additional Team or more spectators at events. Overall, being friendly and welcoming doesn’t cost anything and it will not only help you personally by showing a positive image but also it will help the awareness of esports.

4.Share Content & News

Make sure to keep the local communities interested in that particular game, by posting funny content or meaningful content or even updates regarding the game. This will not only help the community to stay updated on the game but will also bring attention to the game and keep interest & motivation high.

5.Have an idea? Share It.

Organizers work around the demands of the community. If you have an idea for an event that might work or be something different than the ordinary, share it with the community/organizers to have a go at it and gather some feedback on it. It might work it might not, nevertheless research on a new idea is never a waste of time/money.

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