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How to find Jobs in Esports

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We have compiled a list of the top 4 websites to find your dream job in the esports industry.


If you are reading this than it means that you are interested in finding a job that is related to esports. Be it if you are an aspiring pro gamer or if you want join an organization and help them in other jobs. Keep in mind that the Esports Industry has grown a lot. This means that organizations are now running like full blown business and therefore there more available jobs rather than just being a pro gamer or a coach.

We have prepare our top 4 list where you can find jobs in esports.

Hitmarker jobs is a great website to find jobs in esports, be it a social media manager or graphic designer. Usually experience is required, however you can find voluntary jobs to start building your portfolio and gain some invaluable experience. We recommend you bookmark this page and visit it daily for new job postings to find you dream job.

This is another awesome website that offers vacancies in esports. It also caters for part-time, full-time, voluntary & on contract jobs. We suggest you take a good look everyday through rektjobs as they are updated nearly everyday and maybe you can find that job you always wanted.

Even though it is a social media platform, LinkedIn is great for finding jobs in esports. This is because most esports companies use LinkedIn to find sponsors or recruit people with experience and following. So consider Linkedin as a daily driver to build your resume’. Any project you are on, post it and you will get recognized and one day you might be picked up by an organization. Also linked in offers the ability to search for jobs.

Our last pick is Twitter, as it is a great a platform to reach out to organizations that are recruiting people to join their organization. We listed Twitter, as most of the esports industry uses Twitter & Linkedin more than Instagram & Facebook as a daily social media.


We remind you that you might find jobs that allow you to work remote from home, however be aware of the timezone difference, as you might need to change your sleeping schedule. A small price for your dream job. Despite of this, there are also jobs that, if qualified enough might fly you over to their offices to work their permanently.

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