Tips to follow when creating an esports team

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We all at one point were part of an esports team or even created one.

However, few are those that are well-known. Here we will give you some tips on how to create a good foundation for a new esports team.

Tip 1 – Easy to Remember Name

Something that is often overlooked is the name of the team. As one might notice from recent trends in popular esports teams are that the names are not overly complicated and thus easy to remember or else are associated with an object/animal. We suggest you stay away from abbreviated team names and rather focus on having 1 or 2 words.

Try Using “Team”, “esports”, “gaming” with your exam name.

Tip 2 – Create a website.

This is usually done by professional teams, however after various research, its for the best that you create a website from the start for various reasons, mainly the longer the website is created the more it is searched for. At first, you can create a simple website using free web-creators such as WordPress, blogger, Wix or Make sure to have a landing page so that you can promote the team.

This will help in the long run to be an impactful resource for the teams as it can be a source of income from various streams such as ad revenue, sponsored content & promote content.

Try setting up a photo shoot for the team and take pictures of the players for content and also for future purposes.

Tip 3 – Social Media Pages

This is very important for the teams’ growth to expand and gather much more resources and reach a wider audience which will be a very important asset. Make sure to create social pages for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin.

It is important that these social media pages are updated regularly to keep your teams’ exposure high all the time. Try and vary the type of content you put out, for example, videos, vods, interviews, participation & positioning in any event.

Try using Zohosocial so that you can manage all social media accounts in one platform.

Tip 4 – Keep track of everything

Some teams do not keep a record of any matches they play, win or lose. This is very bad. One of the most important assets for a team is their records. I suggest creating an excel file with all the tournaments (offline & online) the team has attended and marked down the position of the team, even if you finished last. This is important because when you are dealing for a sponsorship deal, this will make all the difference. There are two sorts of sponsorship deals companies look for :

  1. For Long-term advertising: Companies will sponsor teams that are high-end but not necessarily win so that they can promote their company as these teams are very active and attend a lot of events, even though they might never win.
  2. For big numbers: Companies will sponsor the best teams that have a record of winning most events so that they can be on top of the advertising.

Try using google sheets for an excel document but make sure to keep a hard-copy.

Tip 5 – Set Roles & Responsibilities

All this is impossible to take care of by 1 person. I suggest you each share roles at the beginning until the teams start receiving some income, where you can outsource the work and make sure to keep everyone updated so that everyone is on the same page.

Try creating vacancies for volunteers on hitmarkerjobs, rektjobs & theesportsobserver.

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