Total Prizepool


7th March 2020

Cyber Lounge

Rocket League

€15 per player

Additional Information


All participating players in this tournament will be awareded 5pts for participating.

All participating players will be awareded 1pt for each match won during the Group & Final Stages

3/2/1 additional points will be awarded to those placing 1st/2nd/3rd.

All points mentioned above, will be awarded to the CEGZONE Scoreboard.

3vs3 Format

Group Stages

Best of Three

During this stage, top 2/4/4 teams from the CEGZONE scoreboard will be selected as a seeded team, depending on the amount of teams registered for this tournament 8/12/16. Seeded Teams in this stage will be placed in seperate groups, thus not matched against eachother. Points will only be awarded for winning a match. After all matches have ended, the top 2 teams from each group will pass to the Finals. For safe measures, in-game scores will be recorded as a decider for tied teams in groups.

Final Stages

Best of Three

Double Elimination

During this stage, seeded teams from the Group Stages will enter a bracket to battle it out. If the team from loser bracket, wins the first final, the Grand final will be played, both Best of Five. The First Final, will offer 1 win score to the winner bracket team.



Trophy + Medals
€150 Voucher from Malta Gaming Store
€75 Worth of Game Time at Cyber Lounge (15 hrs)
€50 Worth of Rockstar Energy Drinks
Total: €275


€50 Worth of Rockstar Energy Drinks
€45 Worth of Game Time at Cyber Lounge (10 hrs)
Total: €95


€50 Worth of Rockstar Energy Drinks
€25 Worth of Game Time at Cyber Lounge (5 hrs)
Total: €75

*Do NOT bring your headset/earphones as they are provided*

*Tickets are NOT refundable*

*Bring your own Controller with CABLE*

*All prizes are allocated to the team. It is up to team to divide the prizes amogst team members*


The Venue

Cyber Lounge is a newly established esports gaming lounge in malta, focused entirely to provide the best possible experience for their customers with sound insulated rooms, high performace computers together with comfortable gaming chairs & high speed internet. It also offers a smoking area and additional space for some more entertainment, while you wait for your next match.

Registered Teams