Motospeed v70 Gaming Mouse Review

Review: Motospeed v70

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We tested the Motospeed v70 for over 3months, here is our review.

The Motospeed v70 is a decently priced gaming mouse overall. It does offer things which otherwise would be on a pricey mouse. It comes at a great value but with some limited features. If you are interested in purchasing this item, we have provided you with a link here.

  • Not Expensive at €35
  • Decent Support
  • Great Material for Grip & Comfort
  • Nice Selection of DPI from 500-6000.
  • RGB Lighting

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The design of the mouse is pretty good actually, it is designed for all mouse grip techniques and really feels comfortable in the hand for long periods of hours of hard gaming. The material is what shook us, its made with an ABS-Rubber material that really is balanced between comfort and grip. Also, it doesn’t capture fingerprint marks on the mouse. The RBG LED was a nice touch in 2019. It comes with 7 Buttons in total with the usual left and right mouse button, additional 2 side buttons and another 2 buttons under the Mouse-Wheel, to switch between DPI modes. The braided cable length of the mouse is 1.7M which gives plenty of room to work with.



The Motospeed v70 comes with a sensor that has a Sampling time of 2ms which a Refresh rate of 500hz and maximum tracking speed of 250IPS, which overall is a pretty decent sensor. Unfortunately, no information has been given regarding the type of switch they used for the mouse buttons. Motospeed has been generous with us and gives us a huge amount of DPI selection from 500 – 6000 DPI.



Overall, we do like this mouse as a daily driver due to its balanced weight, material, and design.

We do recommend that you to invest in this mouse if you have a secondary system that you’d like to get a good overall working RGB gaming mouse. However, we did find a flaw in the mouse.


Unfortunately, we did find some flaws in the mouse. Firstly, LED’s are not configurable and there is this thing that if you Click the Mouse-Wheel, for some reason, if you click the left or right mouse button, it will drop the mouse a few pixels and not register the click. We couldn’t find a permanent fix, however, if this happened to you, to quickly fix it is to just double-click the mouse wheel again. This issue doesn’t happen all the time, it could be that our model is faulty.

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