NOW is the time for ESPORTS

NOW is the time for ESPORTS 🇲🇹

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Malta’s esports industry has yet to reach its peak. But now is the time for that to happen!

With the current situation in Malta with the COVID-19 problem, most parents are encouraging their children to spend more time indoors which gives us a rise in online players. So, why should YOU focus on esports now?

With more players spending more hours in-game provides a more consistent player base for any game you can think of, from CS:GO to Fortnite. Right now is the best time to hone in on your epic skills in esports. With more an more attention being focused on our technology, also being endorsed by the education system providing online lectures, the daily routine is naturally including esports in the mix for students alike.

What can you do to get ahead of the crowd?
Here are 2 simple guides we made :

Tips to follow when creating an esports team


What Can You Do To Help Grow The Local Scene

Be sure to check Level Academy’s: Level Lockdown

At the peak of this current situation it is highly effective to either become an esports figure or join the esports industry by acquiring an online job in esports (SEE: How to find Jobs in Esports) can be a testament to parents & colleagues that indeed Esports is an industry worth pursuing and that we should start believing in people that are willing to take this path.

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