Dota2 Record Prizepool

DOTA2 International 2019 Record Prize pool

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The International DOTA 2 Tournament has surpassed record prize pool in less than 24hrs.

Everyone who follows the esports scene knows that Valve‘s International Dota 2 Tournament exceeds every expectation with regards to prize pools. This is mostly due to how the prize pool is raised, as first Valve themselves fund the prize pool, however, they crowdfund the remaining amount via purchases of Battle Passes for the game, 25% of the total sales of the Battle Pass will be collected for the prize pool of the International Tournament.

During the first 24hrs of last year’s launch for the tournament, $7.3M were raised. This year, in less than 24hrs, $8.5M has been raised as a prize pool. Valve themselves have kicked off the prize pool at $1.6M. It’s astonishing to see the potential of crowdfunding prize pools to see how much it increased from its original value of $1.6M.

The International 2019 will be held in Shanghai, the first time an event this size has been held out of North America in seven years.

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