APEX LEGENDS World Records. Can YOU do better?

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It is  no surprise that Respawn‘s Apex Legends already have some world records under it’s belt. Here is a short list.

The game has already left its mark on the Battle Royal Genre with the outstanding launch and number of players

sky-rocketing within the first 2 weeks and reaching an all time high in Battle Royal.  With that being said, we can already

expect Apex Legends to have a good launch in esports with well-known teams signing up some teams.

Apex Legends World Records – Last Updated February 17, 2019


Solo vs Trio with 36 Kills Mendokusaii

Trio with 41 Kills ssjfpsTV, ItsScubby, SHAAFFER

Console (PS4/Xbox One)

Solo vs Trio with 29 Kills Casdg_

Trio with 40 Kills CruisingPaladin, rickyjosephbarr, zcjp

Think you can do better than that ?

Send us proof via video/image @CEGmlt and we’ll take a look.

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